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“I was recommended Harley Street Physio after many failed attempts to overcome a persistent rowing injury with other physios and losing all hope of recovery.  I immediately saw positive results from my treatment and the team were very thorough in their approach, looking to identify all possible causes of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.  Having seen three of the physios at the practice I always felt in good hands and collectively their commitment to my recovery was outstanding throughout.  Each had their own suggestions so by combining their experience to give me excellent hands on treatment and a strict personal recovery programme to follow I was finally able to eliminate the injury and achieve the ultimate goal of getting back in a boat.  They also made treatment a very pleasant experience and I miss going to the practice now that I am fixed!”

- Former junior international rower, aged 21

"I went to HSP in a cynical mood.  As an agnostic where physio is concerned, I found I was treated by true professionals who have improved my life considerably. Real concern and careful personal attention is the keynote. You might say I came to jeer but stayed to cheer.”

- 80 year-old motorcyclist/musician

"An orthopaedic surgeon recommended Harley Street Physio as 'quite simply the best' and so they have proved.  I wouldn't go anywhere else.  Judged against earlier experiences, I really value their painstaking and listening search for causes, gentle treatment technique and great care given to explaining.  I don't worry any more about chronic back weakness and discomfort.  I know where to go; and they sort it out."

- Retired senior official

“Harley Street Physiotherapy is a patient-centred practice that delivers excellent evidence based care in a friendly and professional setting.  The physiotherapists are of an exceptionally high quality and I have absolutely no hesitation in whole-heartedly recommending their services.  I am an active and sporty early 30 something who suffered multiple fractures whilst skiing.  The team at Harley Street have enabled me to get moving again whilst providing endless support.  I am extremely grateful to the whole team.” 

- Skiing enthusiast

“Harley Street Physio is the best.  Ah, it’s so nice to feel kneaded!  Every therapist there has X-ray-like, forensic finger tips. They can feel out all the sore spots by the most brilliant braille and iron them into submission.  Friendly, warm, efficient – a life saver. Highly recommended”

- Best-selling author/newspaper columnist/sitcom writer

“The team at Harley Street Physiotherapy are of the highest calibre.  With expertise, knowledge and vast experience they provide a swift diagnosis and a personally tailored plan.  This is designed not only to speed recovery but also prevention so I could perform at my optimum.  They make any hectic concert schedule possible”.

- Musician studying at the Royal Academy of Music, London

“I'm a runner and was about eight weeks off the London Marathon when my knee injury hit.  It arrived gradually during a long run and, rather than stop, I pushed through until at 19 miles, I could no longer lift my right foot off the ground.  That was a mistake, as I didn't have any pain free runs for the next two weeks.  I even tried resting for five days - something I was loathe to do with the London Marathon looming.  So, I booked in to see the team at Harley Street Physio.  Firstly, to check I wasn't going to do myself serious damage if I carried on training and secondly, to see if, with some manipulation and stretches, they could sort me out.  I came in on the Monday (six weeks before the marathon).  My physio ran through a series of tests to see where the pain was and what might be the source and she used massage to release some of the tension in my legs.  She reassured me that I was on the mend and that, with some rest and shorter runs, I would be fine.  It was the second time I saw the physio for a running injury; I had had a cocktail of problems before my first marathon on 2011.  Both times, she has treated me as an individual.  She has advised that I needed to rest but acknowledged that I probably wouldn't, given my level of fanaticism and my particular goals.  After my treatment, I didn't experience any further problems.  I resumed my training and went on to run the London Marathon in 2:44.  Thanks Team!”

- Marathon runner

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